Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 & Opwenwrt versions

I have a Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800.
At the moment runs openwrt version OpenWrt 21.02.7. However, there is a newer versison suggested 22.03.5
At the moment,the Netgear uses Network Switchs and not DSA.
however, I dont know if version 22.03.5 would turn my router in a DSA.
Why I am worried about it?
Because this is my main router connected to the ISP and is configured with vlans for Internet and IPTV. So that I can server the all home and the IPTV box given from the ISP.

In general, I like better DSA as I can better configure Vlans.
But I also read that in gthe event a firmware makes the jump from Switch to DSA, the configuration is NOT ported over.
So I like to be prepared for possible down time. AND if needed, to reverse to Switch till I have time to make the needed changes.
So the question:
Do you know if the version 22.03.5 will bring DSA to the Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800?
Or do you know who to find this information?
Thank you

ipq806x has not switched to DSA yet, not in master, nor 22.03.x, nor the upcoming 23.05.0-rc1.


Thanks slh,
your reply sounds like there are nor will be any plans tom move this device to DSA, am I assuming correctly?

is there a way to see the improvements and changes between V 21 and V 22 for this device?

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DSA support for ipq806x is already fully functional, but as-of-yet unmerged (and comes with a slight performance penalty).

but, since ipq806x has not switched to DSA yet, I assume what you mean here is that even if it functional for ipq806x, is not rolled out due to the performance penalty?

(PS Anyway I am unable to upgrade to version 22 as i have an error related to firewall package. Using attended sysupgrade)

Here's the pull request with the DSA work in progress: