Netgear GS810EMX Serial Pin-Out help

Hey there,
I'm attempting to communicate with my GS810EMX via serial.
I have found a couple of connections that could be it, not knowing what the layout is.
The first connector has 10 pins, which I have not tested.

The second which is a 4 pin solder point.

On the 4 pin I have determined that the pins are 1-4 (Left to right)

  1. Nothing.
  2. 3V.
  3. Nothing, but ground after power on.
  4. Ground.

I'm thinking that maybe the 4 pin is it, but not sure which pins would be TX or RX.

Thank you!

Judging from the photo, my venture would be

1: Vcc (not connected)
2: rx
3: tx
4: gnd

(obviously 2/3 are just a guess, a shot into the dark, but based on other devices from this vendor).

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Based on the available GPL download from Netgear this appears to be based on a single core Marvell Armada chip with Marvell switch so a likely candidate for an OpenWrt port!

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I just need a managed switch, would OpenWRT be a good option for this?
I currently only use OWRT on my AP.

Thank you!

The pin out on the GS810EMX ended up being

  1. VCC - Not connected
  2. TX
  3. RX
  4. GND

OpenWrt is not currently available for this device. I am looking to acquire either the GS810EMX or GS110EMX to determine the feasibility of adding support.

If @DoughyRibbons already got serial working, it should be easy to post the boot log for the GS810EMX.

For adding support for this device / posting bootlog please open a new topic. Thanks!

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