Netgear GS108Tv3 - why would I change

I have a couple of netgear switches and I use LAGG and VLANs with them.

I also use OpenWRT on some TP-Link wireless access points where i use the LAN ports for unmanaged VLANs points.

First question is;
Why would I switch the netgear to OpenWRT? and If i did, do i have to install additional packages to get all the same functionality e.g. dual firmware management, LAGG management, etc.
The interface on the TP Links are very simple by comparison to the netgear switches.

Second question is;
The reason I asked the first question, I want to get some Chinese switches on the 11.11 sale, but I don't trust the firmware so i would have to change, but I want to be sure the setup is as easy as it is for the netgear.

Lastly, is it worth to get a TP-Link with chinese firmware at a much lower cost that (global firmware) or just get the best featured non-branded