Netgear GS108T v3 vs GS308T v1?

I am a little bit confused of the hardware table.

Netgear GS108T v3

Unsupported Functions: Ethernet LEDs
21.02.0-rc1 (r16046-59980f7aaf) available

Netgear GS308T v1

nothing about unsupported LEDs
no release candidate can be found for all Netgear GS3

So is it not updated only for the 3-series?

What's confusing about the table? Support for the GS308T v1 got added after 21.02 got branched.

The LEDs on the GS108T v3 will probably be supported in master at some point BTW, I think they already are supported in upstream Linux kernels but not sure if the support is in the 5.10 kernel yet.

I believe the most important difference between those two models is that the GS108Tv3 can be powered by PoE. This is entirely a hardware functionality, so obviously also supported on OpenWrt.

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