Netgear EX3700 no ip address

I'm not sure if there was a default configuration.
But I have been t
Tying to figure out how to setup this wifi extender
I am not able to dhcp or I'm unable to obtain a ip address I been screwing with it all night.

Any help would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

default IP is, make sure you connect only your client and the 3700, don't connect those two to the rest of the network.

i know the default ip, i have set most everything up, but i cant figure out how to connect to my router, and then when i did get it to connect, i wasnt able to get an IP from the Wifi Extender. I am pretty sure is something stupid i am doing but ok ... so not really sure on what you're talking about?

The extender shouldn't provide IPs/DHCP, but run like a dumb AP, with static IP, or DHCP client.

That's how to worked with stock firmware.......
I'm getting the ip address when I connect to it. But now I have no Internet???

Openwrt is primary a router fw, which means it'll be configured as a router fw, even though it's installed on a non router device.

You'll have to configure in to the way you'd like it to operate.

Disable the dhcp, and set the LAN port to static IP (within you current lan subnet) or dhcp client.

Yes I'm realizing that, it doesn't work well with it being a wifi extender.
Back to sq 1 frollic thank you so much for your help. I'm still going to plug away at it