NETGEAR EX2700 with 18.06.8


I just flashed my EX2700 with openWRT. But now neither the WiFi nor the wires connector appears to work. the Power LED shows constant amber.

If I press and hold the reset button while powering the device on the power LED 1st flashed amber and then after maybe 6 flashes, it starts flashing green. It never turns constant green.

What is the standard method to do the "first contact" to configure the newly flashed device in the case of this range extender.

A first step is to read the page with the device details.
I hope you flashed from the stock firmware with the correct factory image and not the sysupgrade.

I did but I did not find help for the situation at hand - and yes, I flashed the correct image.

There is a debricking section.
If you still cannot save it, you'll need to connect console on the UART

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Thanks! I was hoping that I just forgot or missed something else.

I've created a Community Build of 19.07.10 for the EX2700, now available at: Builds for NETGEAR WNR1000V2, WNR1000V2-VC, WNR612v2, WPN824N, WNR2000v3, EX2700

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