Netgear DM200 - OpenWrt does not support G.993.2


I have a Netgear DM200 with the latest OpenWRT, but I could not make it connect to Internode (AUS) NBN FTTN, because I cannot select the 'VDSL2 Annex B (G.993.2)' modulation.

The DM200 works with the original firmware (yeah I had to buy another one, as I cannot, for the life of me TFTP back the original firmware from OpenWRT), and connects to the network without trouble.

Any ideas/suggestions please!


You have to replace the firmware blob in the release 18.06.x image with the firmware extracted from a recent Netgear factory firmware image - see the discussion in this Whirlpool thread. With that in place you can leave the xDSL settings as close to "full auto" as you like and it should sync up.

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How do I 'replace the firmware blob'??? I managed to extract the bin file from the Netgear factory image, but I could not find any further instructions on the page you specified.


You need to copy the file you've extracted from the Netgear firmware to the router using scp or WinSCP, putting it in /lib/firmware (where the firmware distributed in the OpenWrt firmware is located), then specify the full pathname of the new firmware file in the "Firmware File" field as shown in @dazzser's screenshot of the DSL configuration in OpenWrt.