Netgear D6200v1 Support

Would support for the Netgear D6200 be possible? I've done some research and it seems like most of (if not all) the needed developments have been made in order to add support for it. It seems like ADSL is also supported, but I don't use that at all so whether it works or not won't affect me.

Thank you

OpenWrt - brcm63xx
OpenWrt - Broadcom BCM63xx
Wikidev - D6200v1
Netgear - D6200 Open Source Code for Programmers (GPL)

SoC, supported.
SMP support, unclear.
NAND, unclear, but questionable.
wlan, unsupported
xDSL modem, unsupported.

So it's a no-go? Will likely never be supported?

The WLAN and xDSL situation will probably 'never' change, which has the consequence that this device probably won't become tempting for an existing porter to go out and buy the device, to spend considerable time on getting it supported (as a wired-only system without modem or wlan support).


That's a bummer, but thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it.

I also have this device, I can make a image that boots the OpenWrt and makes the device as a wired OpenWrt router