Netgear C7000 (Combo Router)

I know that this router/modem is not supported. Is that because its a combo router and if so why? Thanks, just curious to why is all.

DOCSIS functionality is based on cryptographic certificates, which authorize the device and its firmware against the network - that is not supportable by OpenWrt under any circumstances. The hardware itself, without DOCSIS support, often could be supported, but it's usually Broadcom based, so WLAN typically isn't supportable either - and NAND based Broadcom-ARM devices have their own share of challenges to begin with (part of the proprietary bootloader would need to be part of the firmware image).

Considering this starting situation, who'd want to buy such a device and work on getting it supported, if neither cable- nor WLAN functionality would ever be possible.


That's fair enough, I appreciate the answer.

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