Netgear 7500 5GHz not supported


I just installed LEDE on my Netgear router with model no: AC2350 and it works great but unfortunately I did not read the data sheet link properly where it clearly says 5GHz not supported.

The thing is I really like the firmware and it's user interface but because of a really crowded 2.4GHz net (apartment building full of babymonitors) I need a 5GHz wifi.

The router supports it with stock firmware so I was wondering if there will come an update where it is supported or if there is something I could do myself to add an 5GHz net.

I'm really green at all network related topics so sorry in advance if the question is really stupid.


Until linux-wireless drivers are available for it, 5GHz cannot be supported. There is no quantenna driver at the moment. You have to wait for a driver to become available.

According to the commit that added support, there are two issues:

  • 5 GHz wifi not working - there is no quantenna driver
  • One of the USB ports is not working

Thank you for the answer!

Then I will have to wait for that I guess.

As it seems there is something available, but only for the people with higher Linux skills. I am interested also, but don't know how to get this running

Thank you for the tip, I'm not a high level Linux guy either but I'm going to "harass" some guys at work and see if I can get some help. Will update if I solve it.

It seems like the latest lede release supports 5ghz. Or am I reading the technical data page wrong?

That page explicitly mentions "LEDE Unsupported: WiFi 5GHz", it will most likely take a while (and quite some dedication from the maintainer) to support quantenna out of the box.

Yeah, I was looking through my phone earlier and it looked like it was supported but now I see that it is still unsupported. If you decrease the width of your browser you will see what I mean,