Netgear 4300 for OpenWrt in 2022

Oh ? My bad I didn't check. I was so sure that devices from this generation had 64MB only.
So if you don't mind using an RC, 22.03 should work fine on your device. Actually we are in uncertainty about the status of RC3 as no announcement has been done (yet). It's been a week since release.

Just installed Openwrt on NetgearV2, all through GUI even though wiki mention ssh method. I went with the GUI method all the way.

  1. Installed latest squashfs-factory .img in netgear gui
  2. flashed latest squashfs-sysupgrade from openwrt GUI.

so far so good. Ignore the uptime, took screenshot after a manual restart to check.

the 2nd step feels kind of unnecessary ...

I did it because of this Solved: Netgear WNDR4500v3 - brick / Bootloop after first reboot

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