Netem on Upload

I have problem on my connection and try to find the problem. It seemed that there is a delay on upload or download. I have 25MB on Download and 5.5MB on Upload but different Interleaving time and deapth. I have a higher amonut of FECs on my Download around 5000 to 10000 a minute. Normaly the Interleaving is on 8ms Download and 8ms on Upload (Situation 1) but sometimes it changes to 8ms Down to 6 or 5ms Up (Situation 2).

I play on Xbox one and on PS4. Normaly I have always a delay and my connection runs asynchron between me (client) and server. When my connection changes from Situation 1 to 2 then it gets even worser. So iguess it has something to do with my Interleaving. I try to solve the problem since 3 years. I have changed my isp one time and the situation havenĀ“t changed. I have tried serveral routers and modems.

To find the problem I will delay download with netem and to test my connection and then the same on Upload. I have tried a lot on Open Wrt. Also used DDWrt but the situation with SQM get even worser. So this is my last chance.

Can someone help me on this please?

Regards Robert