Netatalk, can someone help me please

I want to configure netatalk from scratch to :
1, enable a sharepoint
2, enable user access to the sharepoint as guest
3, enable authenticated user access to the sharepoint

I need help for setup for both netatalk on Chaos Calmer and netatalk on 18.06.0.

please, help needed

thank u

Do you still have devices that need to "talk" AppleTalk? As far as I know, recent versions of macOS convert volumes to a format that AFP doesn't support. hasn't been updated since early 2017

(Getting off Chaos Calmer should be a very high priority of yours, as it is, at this time, known insecure from the kernel up through application software, and even the wireless protocols, unsupported, and not supportable to get any reasonable level of security.)

the chaos calmer device is not connected to the internet, is in an offline site doing pbx service.

MAC to AFP share exchange data twice quicker than with SMB connection
so by time they remove support for it I can still have all my share served by openwrt and some service eliminated from an old power consuming mac server removed from network, which is the reason behind the seek for help

yep in between comma

AFP over TCP

:wink: for your device on 18.01.

The best path forward for your device on Chaos Calmer would be an upgrade to 18.01 and installing current packages. Any package built against Chaos Calmer would be from that era (2016) and at least a version out of date.

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