Negear WNR2200 USB Power


on the Netgear WNR2200 the USB-Port don't became Power-Trigger on the right GPIO. Many peoples has fixed this problem for the OpenWRT-Images, but in LEDE it gives some problems.

Here are the main-thread:

this is my prefered patch-file for that bug, think why the people has leave the original led-conf and only fixed gpio:

Now my questions:

  1. Give it a chance to solve this bug in a running router-system with lede 17.01.2?

  2. Knows anybody a thread where this special bug will be discussed on lede? All threads are for openwrt and no patch-file functioned on the lede source.

  3. In the image-builder-dev system the kernel was precompiled,or? i have a eeepc with 1gb ram and not so many time:)

  4. Can anybody help me to resolv this usb power bug on the wnr2200 and lede 17.01.2?

Thx at the moment i only have used the ImageBuilder (formerly to build an extrootfs-img on mr3020 with lede 17.01.2) and now i must recompile the complete lede-source for a once kernel-module:).

ps: In openWrt it looks like completly fixed;a=commitdiff;h=95f36ebcd774a8e93ad2a1331f45d1a9da4fe8ff;hp=07b09979703ecc7ca39853bff20f2ffc16ef7029

Problem completly solved extroot functioned with direct-usb and usb-hubs.

Solution: recompile the master-source there a an driver-source which make usb accessibel.

I unfortunatly lost flash contentn of my wnr2200. I want restore my AP and need "u-boot" "u-boot-env" and "art" partitions (or whole 8M flash chip). Can you send me this files?

Hi, can you tell me which 'driver-source' you used to get extroot to work?
I'm pretty new to this but I believe ath9k gets loaded after system and so it is too late to be mounted as 'overlay'. But I could be wrong as I basically have no idea what I'm doing here!
I read somewhere that ath9k has to be loaded at a 'pre-init' level but have no idea how to accomplish that so I wondered if you could point me in the right direction. I don't expect a walk-through but a little pointer in the right direction would be nice.
Openwrt doesnt power the usb hub at all for me, and never has done, but LEDE does and so I feel I'm almost there! Thanks :slight_smile:

ART partition is different between devices, so, unfortunately, if you lost it, it's gone. You do not need u-boot-env partition since it's regenerated by the bootloader, so you can leave it empty.

So, it leaves you with u-boot itself. You can compile it from the source code.

You just came 2 years latter :joy:

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Better late, then never.

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Closing this topic now since it is drifting offtopic.