Need ZLT S12 PRO original firmware

Hello friends,

New to the forum, I wanted to install the OpenWrt in my ZLT S12 PRO but it seems like it's sold thru a security company called SAFIRE and its current firmware it's not the same one as the Original by TOZED, so I have less funcionality, for example no ability to use the WAN port in it.

Can anyone please share the original TOZED ZLT S12 PRO router firmware? I dont really care about the version.

Thanks in advance!


Openwrt should never be sold - it is free open source software. Selling it would be a violation of the license and would also be essentially stealing since it is not their product to sell.

There is no original firmware, you get something customized by your provider along with their sticker on the case. e.g. television vlan, countrywide roaming access etc.

Understood, I thought there was like a OEM firmware. Would you happen to have a firmware that would allow WAN input? I just want it to use the router with the Starlink dish at 12V.

Or would you recommend just using openwrt straight away? I am new to it and never had it in any of my routers. I am not an informatic nor any kind of computer expert.

Thanks in advance!

OpenWrt can be configured just about however you might want to use it.

When you say "wan input" what do you mean by that?

I mean using the WAN conection in my router to get internet from the Starlink dish directly. In my ZLT S12 PRO the WAN port seems to be unnusable with the current firmware

I don't have that device, so I cannot speak with absolute knowledge, but from what I can see from pictures on the web, there are 5 physical ports. The one on the far left (grey) is not an ethernet port. It is either a DSL modem or a jack for a telephone (I can't tell which from the images, but it would be one or the other, not both, and absolutely not ethernet) -- it's not for connecting an ethernet cable that goes to an upstream modem/router.

With that said, no firmware can make that into a wan ethernet port.

However, OpenWrt can easily allocate a lan port to be used as a wan port.

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Port number 4 should be a W-LAN port from factory, but, to my knowledge, my firmware doesnt allow it.

I think I will try to run openwrt on the router as it is supported, I'm just worried I brick it or that I wont be able to set it up properly. Can you please recomend a guide for dummies?


Lots of info here:

Importantly, you must be connected by ethernet in order to configure OpenWrt. Wifi will be disabled by default.

It is called multiwan - package mwan3 in openwrt.

No, mwan3 is not needed here since the op is only talking about a single wan connection. The only consideration is the port assignment.

It is 4g modem, just that provider disabled usually present backup wired connection via GSM thingie.

mwan3 is only necessary if there will be 2 or more active internet connections. It isn’t a needed simply because the device has the physical capabilities of multi-wan. Only if they are in use simultaneously.