Need to tip to resolve issues on backport package

Hi All,

We are having latest SDK with kernel 5.4 and GCC 10.
We would like to integrate latest SDK into openwork 19.07.7.
But, we found when we try to build backport to support mac80211, there are a lot of errors.
Does anyone can share some tips to me? Should we pick another backport version to apply or ???
Please help. Thanks.

Is there a reason you are trying to build with an outdated version? At the very least, you should be basing your builds on 21.02 (if not master branch) unless you have a reason not to ( I mean, at the very least, it's nearly 2 years old at the base of it.


Hi @Grommish

Openwrt 19.07.7 still quite new as I know and 19.07.7 just released few weeks ago.
But sounds like I have to upgrade my codebase because backport support kernel 5.10.
I will check it late. Thanks.

OpenWrt versions are based on the Year and Month the tree was branched from main, with the third number being the revision. 19.07 was branched from main in July 2019, and it's on it's 7th backport or security update revision. (hense, 19.07.7)

21.02 was branched just last month :slight_smile:

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