Need to create an opkg package out of sources requiring CMake

Hi to all,

I've successfully installed and started Snort3 opkg on my Linksys WRT3200ACM running openWRT 21.02.1. It runs apparently fine and alerts are generated as expected, even though, as a test, I loaded a ton of rules (all of the registered ones) which I plan to fine tune later on. I've also successfully forwarded it's JSON alerts file onto a linux box one my network where I experiment with analysis tools (Splunk, ELK, etc) so the chain is roughly complete.

I would now complement the chain installing/configuring Snort's AppID feature that allows the identification of data flows by apps (e.g. Facebook, Skype, etc). This requires an optional Snort3 package: Snort3 Extra.

Snort3 Extra is not included in the opkg repo, so I guess the only way to have it is to compile it myself. But it's a configure/cmake based package and I see there's no CMake opkg package available.

Yesterday night I downloaded OpenWRT's build toolchain and successfully built a default version (everything left with its default) target system for my router using a clean Ubuntu Server 20.04 VM. Now I guess, if possible, I should create opkg packages for CMake (if I want to try to compile Snort3 Extra on the router itself) or directly create the Snort3 Extra package if only ... I knew/understood how to do it. Could anyone shed some light on the first steps or the best path towards my goal, if possible at all ?

Thanks in advance

appid gotta love it


appid might, I don't :grimacing:

Any help on the issue ?

You do not want to compile anything on the router itself.

Create the package definition on the build system, and compile.

Regarding cmake, look examples from the existing cmake packages.

You might look into ubox that depends on libubox, and both are cmake packages.

For example

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