Need SDK / FreeScale i.MX287 / OpenWrt 3.18.29

Need SDK / FreeScale i.MX287 / OpenWrt 3.18.29

Hello, hope you are doing well. I am developing software for the custom router device built on OpenWrt (for about 2 weeks). I was provided the SDK by developer of the router and need to implement mosquitto client, and it appears that mosquitto requires libraries, one after another, which are not present in the SDK I have. As I understand, compiler executable used is "arm-openwrt-linux-uclibcgnueabi-gcc".
Is there any way, or documentation for (important!) extremely noob level how to add libraries into the SDK or how to build custom fully-loaded SDK under Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?
Thank you in advance.

I think neither of those you will find here.

Is your board supported in mainline openwrt? If "no", then that will be the first step.

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16.04 LTS is ancient. and OpenWRT hasn't used versioning like 3.18.29 in a VERY long time.

Building a custom SDK would require you to have a full source tree, and chances are highly likely that your client made significant changes that were never upstreamed.

I don't know if OpenWRT still supports hardware that old, i.MX287 is also ancient - even moreso than much newer products which OpenWRT dropped due to insufficient RAM/flash, so chances are likely you wouldn't even be able to support that device with recent OpenWRT source code.

Thank you for your replies.

What would be the first step? You mean choosing the supported board/chipset?

I know. It is enough for me that 16.04 works properly and updates properly (at least at this time).
3.18 is Chaos Calmer dated back to 2016.

I know they were designing their own software basing on that version, but believe there were no architectural changes, only additional modules.

But not yet obsolete! i.MX28 Applications Processors for Consumer Products (

Do I understand you properly that community will hardly help with this version of OpenWrt, and only router developer will be able to provide proper SDK for it?

Suspect that they have this full tree as they are able to build SDK. Do you think there could be such repositories of that version anywhere?

I think, motivation to work on ancient Openwrt derivatives will be pretty much non-existent, if you dont want to throw around lots of money.

Your best bet is to ask your the hardware supplier into getting the board supported, or giving you enough info to get the board supported yourself.

I think, there are linux kernel sources for MX287 for 4.4+, but not sure, if in in mainline linux tree.
Mainline linux kernel support is mandatory for any board wanting to be supported by real Openwrt. (AFAIK).


Chaos Calmer predates the OpenWRT/LEDE forking and subsequent re-merger and restructuring - anything prior to LEDE 17.01 does not appear to even have tags or branches in the current git repos.

Not sure if there's a "legacy" repo somewhere for stuff that old.


Here it is: GitHub - teleofis/OpenWrt at v3_Standart, not sure how full it is though. You can see docs are 6 years old so we can be pretty sure it is the right repo to consider.

The tags look a bit strange.

Also, just like current git, the only supported i.MX devices seem to be ones that have a cortex-a9 (i.MX6) or newer.

It doesn't look like i.MX287 was ever supported at all upstream, unless it has a different platform name in target/linux/