Need PoE, Archer C7 should be replaced

I am happy with my TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750, but I need PoE for 1-2 IP-cameras (probably 1 only) and try to avoid to have too much parts around.

I need:
Wifi AP
4-5 LAN ports (no WAN)
Maybe VLAN

The C7 is connected to a Netgear Nighthawk R7800 via Ethernet cable.

Any recommendations?

Several (supported-) rtl838x devices (e.g. ZyXEL gs1900-8HP/ gs1900-10HP) in the realtek target support standards compliant PoE (currently needs an out-of-tree package to control, but it's functional and available), but these are (L2) smart-managed switches, neither routers, nor APs.

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If you like the router I would recommend a network complement with a PoE switch or PoE injectors instead if we only talk about two PoE devices.

A PoE router isn’t really a standard component in a network.

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Ok, hoped there is one. I have already a Zyxel 1900 without PoE, this was my 2nd choice.