Need info about DGS-1210-28 tftpboot address

Hello all, I have DGS-1210-28 managed switch on which I need to run OpenWRT, as per, to flash kernel image we used tftpboot with an address 0x8f000000, can anyone help me in understanding from where this address can be found, I mean these instructions were for DGS-1210-16. What would this address be in DGS-1210-28
thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Both switches are pretty much the same in the relevant aspects (apart from the number of ports, which doesn't matter for this), furthermore you only need tftpboot for RAM-booting the initramfs image, so you can safely just try - either it boots (in which case you can use sysupgrade with the sysupgrade image) or it fails (and you a) know that your address might be false and b) you get a log with error messages) --> pull the power-plug and start over again, the flash hasn't been touched up to this point.

That said, the commit adding support for this device might know the answer…

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