Need help with setting up Archer C2600 VLAN

Hi guys and girls,
I'm all new to this custom firmware thingy.
I've got a TP Link Archer C2600, which has problems with cutting the internet suddenly, and i have to restart the router everytime it does it.
I've tried to flash the openwrt firmware onto my TP Link Archer C2600, but i can't get the internet working.
From my internet provider, i've got a document, telling me to set up Internet VLAN ID to 101 and check the 802.1Q Tag.

But the openwrt is a bit more technical for me, and i can seem to find out, how to do this.

I've attached some screenshots, of how it is set up on the original TP Link firmware, and i hope that some of you might be able to help me out :smiley:

try Configure VLAN ID settings for ISP connection

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