Need help with LTE ZLT P21

Is anyone familiar with this interface, i need a new firmware for it. I don't know chipset in it, its a Shenzhen tozed LTE ROUTER ZLT P21. PLS HELP, how will i buy a device with my money and get restricted.

what does the "Version Information" display

Ask the supplier about the Technical details

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I see this icon in your graphic above:

They would definitely be aware of their own product. I would ask them.


Yes they are, but they'd rather i don't enable all bands. It's locked to their network and it's frustrating, their network is bad here, do they expct me to throw it away. I need to unlock the bands. Can you help?

What can i do to enable all network band?

This is an openWRT forum. Why is this random hardware equipment's firmware question relevant here?


I need a compatible firmware to flash my device is why. Please help


Oh! This makes sense!

It seems that this is not related to OpenWrt.

In addition, new router firmware will not perform a carrier (subsidy) unlock on your internal cell card. The intention of this lock is so the carrier profits from the sale and use of the device before it's permitted to be transferred to another carrier. Most carriers will not assist you in unlocking until you've satisfied their contractual obligations.

It seems that you were cheated by the supplier/shipper.

  • You've provided no information to help you in this regard.
  • If your device is not listed on the Table of Hardware, it is unsupported - and therefore, there's no compatible firmware available from OpenWrt at this time

If you look inside, the LTE modem will almost certainly be a separate module. It has its own CPU and firmware in its own flash chip. This firmware is always closed-source and updates are seldom available.

So like the others said, replacing the firmware for the router / wifi chip will not increase what the modem can do.


I just want it sim free. It feels stupid being held back by a software barrier

If you were not told it was SIM locked, then you can return it.

Otherwise, SIM unlocking is outside the scope and the interest of this forum. There are other forums for that.

You may also look into the option of using a USB dongle if the router supports that.


oh i didnt know that.
Can you refer me to other forums? ThankYou

They would be the only ones that have detailed information on how to unlock their internal cell card.

Also see:

Can you please shed more light on the usb dongle?

The router seems to have USB port. Some routers support using an external USB dongle (like what you use for PC) to connect to USB post and get internet.

This will depend on the firmware of your router, as it has to support that.

Please, for any further question, refer to your router manufacturer.

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Please edit the title as "Need help with LTE ZLT P21" or so.

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Tozed p21 ZLT firmware

Here is what you want

So far im looking for zlt s10g toozed firmware hoping you help me too

P21 ZLT firmware

Im looking for tozed s10g ZLT hope you can help me too

My device looks the same but is a different brand. I was able to get to my bands and frequencies etc. by using the "root" login rather than the "admin". I don't know if that will work for yours, but maybe worth a try. My default login for the router was username "admin" and password "admin" without the quotes. I changed to username "root" and password "admin" and was able to access all the full admin settings that were not visible from the regular login. Hope this might help.

Screenshot_20231017-081140_Samsung Internet

It seems you failed to review the thread:

  • There is no available firmware here
  • Even if there was firmware available, it likely won't unlock the cellular modem