Need help with FTP

Hello, i'm trying to use ftp with FileZilla Server. I set forward port 21 from wan to my local machine ( FTP uses passive mode, but i can't connect from outside to it. What should i do besides forwarding port 21?

need to open a passive port as well, might be enough to install the conntrack package and/or nathelper.

or switch to port mode.

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My port forwarding screen:

and here is installed software conntrack

And what you mean switch to port mode?

Is the same 60k port range defined in the ftp server?


There is a possibility that privileged ports (below 1024) are blocked by the ISP.
Try using something like 8021 externally.

No, all ports works, i used TP-LINK 1043 before, all works.

Well, then I would check if any packet with destination port 21/TCP is visible with tcpdump first on WAN and then on LAN interface.