Need help with DNS please?

Hi, I use "pi hole" on a raspberry pi... I have it set at ip
The logging on the pi is showing all dns requests as coming from the router..., and NOT the device ip's.
On the routers original firmware, the logging was faultless... but I'm loath to go back.
I'm finding the numerous settings quite overwhelming, so please can you advise how to achieve this ?

The default configuration on your router is to act as a DNS cache, so it announces itself as the DNS server to the DHCP clients, and then forwards the requests to the upstream DNS server (your RPi) when needed. Is that a problem to you?

But the RPi is acting as a DNS for your whole network, and the router is just a cache to speed it up. Try to reach some unknown site from one of your devices, and you will see the request appear on the RPi, albeit coming from the router. Unless you need to set rules on the DNS that depend on the client making the request, I think you have nothing to worry about.

However, if you insist on using the RPi directly, you must configure the DHCP server on the router to advertise the RPi as a local DNS to the DHCP clients. In "/etc/config/dhcp", look for the "config dhcp 'lan'" section, and add a "list dhcp_option '6,'" directive.