Need help trying to setup Unbound for DNS over TLS and alternative DNS server instead of ISP

Hello, I want to switch my DNS server from my ISP's server to OpenDNS; I also want to enable DNS over TLS for added security on my router. However, I'm having some trouble following this guide for setting up DNS over TLS with Unbond, I go and run the commands for disabling DNS role for dnsmasq and suddenly then run the commands for Unbound in Openwrt 19.07.03. my router can't connect online (I don't remember exactly what error it said, I was doing this last night as to not affect anything important). Would appreciate any support

Unbound UCI makes this easy if you use OpenWrt 19.07. Please follow its README. I would first suggest getting plain recursive resolution working with Unbound+odhcpd. Then add TLS forwarding servers after, because TLS misconfigured can break DNS entirely.