Need help to show data in decimals in Iptables plugin for luci-app-statistics

I am using luci-app-statistics package to store bandwidth usage data to the USB stick. Everything is working fine but I have a problem that I need help with.

While using the graphs in Firewall/iptables section, it shows data in KBs or MBs or GBs but the figures are in whole numbers. Although the data displayed in other areas does display in decimals. Whole numbers seem fine until you get to GBs and then you dont know how much data you have consumed unless you have consumed another GB or so. That is why I am hoping that I can display decimals there so the data is more accurate. Is there any config settings that I can change to show decimals there?
I have searched google and the wiki but didn't find any information on this or maybe I wasn't looking straight. In any case I really need help figuring this out.

Help me figuring out here. Thanks