Need help to custom build for TL-WR740N, 840N, 841N


I'm looking for someone to help build custom made OpenWRT firmware for these following routers,
TL-WR740N hardware v6
TL-WR840N v5
TL-WR841N v13

I understand the routers above have only 4MB flash, hence would be possible to strip out whatever that we don't need but to ensure we have SNMP, Chillispot and other basic features available? This is the custom design that I need.

I'm not sure that SNMP and Chillispot are "basic features" and may be too large to put on a 4 MB device. From the package sizes (uncompressed, then assuming 2:1 compression for the squashfs file system) I'd guess you need another couple hundred kB to squeeze those in. Some consider LuCI a "basic feature" but that is pretty much out of the question for a 4 MB device.

My guess is that you'll have to "try and see" then adjust your package selections based on your own priorities. They're already on the "tiny" profile at 3328 kB, checking and you need sufficient "erase blocks" in the jffs file system or it won't work.

There already isn't much in the tiny profile:

I'd try first with the "image builder" or with the build system itself. The build system is much more flexible (such as being able to remove debug symbols and the like) and not that much more complex to install or use.

Edit: Looking at the manifest, if you're going to try to add a couple hundred kB of packages, you'll have to strip out debug symbols, unused exports, and anything else you possibly can.

i would like somebody to just make a firmware that can work with the 841n ver13 and run luci and cake qos with pice of cake. oh and the wifi be stable. have they fixed the mt76XX>#$%^#$ whatever driver? there was a guy that took a blob from an asus router but luci didnt work and im not sure what else was wrong. i dont know if cake would work with that setup. its driving me crazy. i gave up a few months ago and now im just trying o find info if it works. back then it was a snapshot and i think its not now. does that mean it works? or just hat the ehternet works but no wifi? if i put an acces point on that router then qos would not work right? beceause the access point would be the bottleneck and i would have to have qos on that router correct?