Need help to access or reset?

I managed to install OpenWrt on a WRT1900ACS a while ago and I was using it in bridge mode.
I was having some power issues and the power cycled a number of times, after which I couldn't access the router over ethernet (connection refused) though I can ping it successfully.
I have never used SSH and I am not 100% sure what I am doing, but I was able to SSH in to the router - see screen cap below.
I want to sell this router, so I can either restore the LInksys firmware, or fix the OpenWRT firmware - whatever is easier?
Can someone give me a newbie version of what I need to do using SSH?
I was trying to understand the info here, but I am lost. I have downloaded the Linksys firmware.

it's hard to know what is "wrong" with the current situation, but a it looks like you've managed to connect to the device using ssh (despite you saying that you couldn't access it)

  1. you can reset the router to defaults while you are using ssh by issuing the following:
firstboot -y && reboot
  1. you're running an old and unsupported (EOL) version of OpenWrt. Consider upgrading to 22.03.2 (latest as of right now). From the default configuration, you should be able to use the LuCI web interface to run the upgrade.

Thanks - yes, I did say that "I was able to SSH in to the router"
I will try that - appreciate the help!

right... you did, but you also said this:

was this for the web interface? ssh? both?

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I was unable to access the web interface over ethernet, sorry I was differentiating that from accessing the web interface over Wi-fi. I was able to access via SSH as shown in the screen cap.

Try press and hold reset for 10s

ok.. once you do the reset (firstboot), the router will be in the default state. Wifi will be disabled, but ethernet will work. From there, upgrade to the latest version of OpenWrt (and do not keep settings when you do the upgrade). Once that is complete, you can set your wifi SSID and password and then enable wifi. Depending on your network details, that may be all you need to do and you'll be back up and running.


Awesome - all good and upgraded to the latest version of OpenWrt.
Thanks everyone for your help!

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