Need Help: SSH Server w/ SOCKS5 Proxy Question

I am running an SSH server with socks5 proxy on one my apple devices which tethers my unlimited mobile high speed data, to a network on my Macbook so family members can join and use wifi. The problem with this is that I would have to keep my laptop running at all times and cannot take my laptop with me as the network would no longer be accessible.

How can I tether this network through Openwrt and leave my phone behind running the server that will be connected through the Wifi and just have my family connect to the router instead of my custom network which stays on my Macbook?

Maybe I am missing something, but that should be easily accomplished with any device with wifi and with the help of travelmate package.

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I don’t think your missing anything I’m just new so obvious things are not apparent to me haha. The main problem I am having is getting the router to broadcast that connection.

Start with installation of travelamate, as it will solve your problem directly most likely.