Need help split tunneling

This is my first time split tunneling.

I have finally managed to get mullvad VPN to work after initial installation and configuration of openWRT
(Please keep in mind that I am COMPLETELY new to openWRT as I recently installed it 2 days ago but have some knowledge of networking, Linux terminal)

Problem: all traffic is going through the VPN tunnel
Which is very inconvenient considering that I only want one IP address (or one device if that helps) to go through the VPN tunnel when communicating out to the internet.

Please note: I still do need this device connected to the local area network.

How can I achieve only one device going through the tunnel when the default is the tunnel?

Then welcome :slight_smile:

I think the easiest way would be PBR or mwan3.

How would I go about doing this

I have PBR installed but without much know how I haven't had much luck with it seeing as I have not much idea how to use it successfully

I'd like to know more about the other one and how to use it

It depends what you plan to do and how the actual config is (interfaces, routes, fw/zones, rules, ...). You can also check this.

As you already have PBR installed and assuming your device is in LAN within the network and your mullvad interface is named "vpn" (Descriped here):

Route LAN to VPN

uci add pbr policy
uci set pbr.@policy[-1].src_addr=""
uci set pbr.@policy[-1].interface="vpn"
uci commit pbr
service pbr restart

If this is not working, then it would be a bit easier if you share your actual config.

mwan3 is a bit more complex, in my opinion, to configure it, but offers more options.

But both are well documented with examples.

This only appears to help with one host bypass

I'm trying to get only one device to use the router's VPN

And all other devices and future devices is the regular internet connection

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