Need help setting up WAN port

How should i configure my wan port so that i will have connection, i can configure my LAN port to have connection but when i try to use the WAN port i do not have an connection to the internet nor to my other devices on the network

What is your WAN: Ethernet, DSL, cellular...?

You may like to elaborate a bit about your network setup. How is your OpenWrt physically connected? WAN port to what? And how are those other devices connected?

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sorry, ethernet port to wan, basically an ethernet cable from the main router to the wan port of this router

basically i have my main router that is connected through dsl then i got this router for vpn but i never got it installed because i think i need the wan port to be connected so my network would be main router connects to this routers wan port through an Ethernet cable

Change WAN to DHCP client.

Also, please use one post to respond to multiple questions, you save on your posting limit.

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Once you have done that, check form OpenWrt to see if it has access to internet (or whatever your OpenWrt IP is--I can't really read it off the picture).

If all is good there but clients have no Internet access, then make sure you have DHCP on at OpenWrt.

As for accessing other clients connected to the main router, note that they are considered "the outside world" to devices connected to OpenWrt. So ideally you don't want that.