Need help setting up vlan tagging

I am on a linksys WRT1900acs and using CenturyLink fiber trying to recreate this setup but with the new dsa options and I am so lost any help is welcome CenturyLink uses 201 for vlan if that helps

The screenshot you are showing has instructions that seem pretty straight forward. Where are you lost?

Not sure how to translate that to the new device section in 21.02 firmware like for example under edit for Wan in interface there is no physical settings tab anymore

create the VLAN first via LuCI (Network > Switch). Then edit your WAN (Network > Interfaces > Edit WAN) and look under Device in the General settings. You'll want to assign it to the new VLAN -- likely you'll see it shown as switch0.201

I don't have a switch option under network just interfaces and wireless do you mean setting them up under network>interfaces>devices?

please post screenshots of what you are looking at.

Replace 835 with 201.

Not sure where to enter commands or upload a text file with the commands you linked changing to 201 of course, only place I see is config under flash operation? Or scheduled tasks?

Is it possible to flash back to 19.07 from 21.02 because I am not sure how to follow the instructions you posted

Of course you can flash back 19.07, just do not keep settings.

You need to ssh into the router and run those commands from you ssh session. Lots of instructions online about how to do that.

thanks so much i went back reflashed to the newest firmware after reading how to ssh entered the command you told me about and now everything is working

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