Need help setting up TFTP Server on Arch based linux

Hi everyone,

I am new to setting up TFTP Server on Manjaro for installing openwrt in TP-link Archer c20 AC750.But i dont know where to look for any help would be appreciated.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Arch wiki is very rich to start with


I use the tftpd-hpa package on Debian. You'd have to use the Manjaro / Arch package tools to install similar.


Hi Thanks for reply i successfully got tftp working.

Thank you :smile:

It's not like your tftp server will act differently as none are distro specific to my knowledge.

yeah the process is a bit different i tried setting it up on ubuntu but i was getting connection timed out
when i tried to connect via putty from my windows machine. So i booted manjaro from usb and followed the guide linked by trendy

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