Need help Reverting WRT1900ACS to OEM

Somehow I screwed up and cannot revert from OpenWrt back to Linksys firmware on a WRT1900ACS. I used putty to change partitions but, evidently, OpenWRT is on both partitions. (No, I do not know how this happened unless it was a 30/30/30 hard reset I did that did it.)

So, what to do now? Am I screwed?

Use the official linksys firmware with the sysupgrade command and it should work, I tested it here and works no problem. Also when you flash firmware using sysupgrade, it will write it to the other partition and boot from that preserving the current partition, also true the other way around. The idea being you'll always have a working partition to fall back on if the flash goes bad.

Thanks but it doesn't. Been there, done that with Linksys OEM file FW_WRT1900ACSV2_2.0.2.188405_prod.img

Error message : The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform.

I get the same error message trying to upload DD-WRT firmware for the router.

Evidently OpenWrt has screwed me.

You may have to do a tftp recovery, have you got a uart cable?

I just ordered a jtag cable hoping that if worse comes to worse I can deploy it and puTTY and whatever else I need. What is a uart cable?

Thank you.

Just realized that I do. I supposed this is my only last resort. Have to go though the learning curve to effectively deploy it.

dkwalton to revert back to stock the wrt1900acs v2 you have to use these commands

cd /tmp
sysupgrade -F -n /tmp/FW_WRT1900ACSV2_2.0.2.188405_prod.img has instructions for reverting back to stock.

Did you verify what's compatible with the WRT1900ACS via the Serial Port section of the WRT AC Series ToH?

  • Specifically:

    • USB-TTL Cable: 2.0mm pitch @ 3.3v (FTDI is recommended)
      • I personally recommend installing a 3.5mm jack and using a USB-TTL-AJ cable, as you only have to open the case once to install, and never again to access the serial header.

    • USB-to-UART Board: 3.3v (FTDI is recommended)
      • I personally prefer USB-to-UART boards that are 3.3v / 5v switchable

@tmomas linked to the ToH, but that should have been your first stop, as it answers every question posed in this thread.

  • Regardless of device, a device's ToH should always be the first stop, preferably before flashing OpenWrt

If you need to flash via serial, see Serial Flash in the ToH

This is covered on the Flash tab's CLI section in Flashing Firmware: OpenWrt >> OEM in the ToH

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