Need help on setting VoIP (SIP)

Hi everyone,
I'm new here, and I'm new to openwrt as well
I've successfully flash openwrt on my Xiaomi Redmi Router AX6S few days ago.
But I have no idea how to setting the VoIP phone provide by my ISP
This is basically just a phone for calling, no other requirement needed.
It using LAN port connect to the phone.
It using VLAN 822 and DHCP, and it require SIP account.
Here's the info from my router provided by ISP

Can anyone guide me on this please?
Thank you!

Are you using a VoIP phone, or an analog one?

You'd need to hardware switch VLAN 822 from the ONT to the phone device.

If in OpenWrt, you used wan.621 to get Internet tagged to the ONT, now you need a bridge instead.

Make a new bridge (named br-wan) of wan and one of the lan ports (which you will be connecting to the phone device). Remove this lan port from the existing lan bridge. Enable VLAN tagging on the br-wan bridge. Configure the wan port as tagged 621 and 822. Configure the phone port as tagged 822. Change the wan network device from wan.621 to br-wan.621. You should have Internet through OpenWrt again. The phone traffic will go directly between the two ports by hardware, it is not necessary to make a network for it in the OpenWrt kernel.

it using a telephone cable i think is rj11

I just find out AX6S don't have dsl port, so nevermind now lol
the actual problem is where can i config the SIP credential

For ISP provided phone service you usually need to use their provided "Home Gateway / All In One" router, which you likely could relegate to being an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) only and supply only VLAN 822 to it, while using your OpenWrt router for Internet. You could ask the ISP what your options are to use their phone service on third-party equipment.

ATA functionality is mostly out of the domain of OpenWrt since very few telephone chipsets have open-source drivers. Generally you'd use a standalone ATA or a complete IP phone set.

For a non ISP SIP phone provider, you'd just connect a generic ATA to your LAN.


In many cases (if the access credentials are available), it is also possible to replace the ISP provided SIP ATA ("Home Gateway / All In One" router) with your own hardware, be it a SIP DECT base, a SIP ATA with analogue FXS ports or plain SIP (desk-) phones. Often such an all-in-one device (e.g. the AVM Fritz!Box range of devices) can also be operated behind your own router in IPoE mode, taking over (SIP-) phone tasks only (SIP pbx, SIP ATA, SIP DECT base).

Technically speaking, even OpenWrt 'could' fill that role on supported (non-AVM) lantiq devices with FXS ports, using asterisk and chan_lantiq, but setting asterisk up -in a secure way- and making it behave as you want it to is NOT fun…

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man i see you on every threads

You enter your settings on the SIP phone or adapter you are using. You can't use a an analog phone directly.

If you are using an analog phone it needs to be connected to an adapter (ATA)