Need help load balancing two wireless mi router 4a 100m

i try to load balancing 2 wifi, but its not work, any one can share the firmware with load balancing.,? so i can update mine,

Load balance them how?

i have 2 wireles connection, i wan to load balanced it, everty thing is done, but the speed not increase, my device is xiaomi router 4a 100m,
any sugest.?

Speed will not increase, since the traffic will usually go through one of your WANs, not both, from the client.

If you have more clients, then the total speed would/could increase, but not for a single client.

that how load balanced works.,?
i watc so many tutorial on youtube, ist work with one client, n there is a diferent speed when he use one isp vs 2 isp with load balanced,
balanced is more speed,

i folow the step, but not work

In that case, feel free to link to the video.

The only way to get a rough aggregate of multiple uplink bandwidth with load balancing is to measure the speed using multiple connections which will span over the uplinks. That is the case in torrents or using download manager.

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On top of that, load balancing only works reasonably well, if all aggregated uplinks are roughly the same speed/ latency. Trying to match up links with different throughputs, while possible, is difficult to get right and usually not rewarding. Considering the vast performance difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, there's generally more pain than gain to be found.

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this is teh video i found

I hope this works for you:

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