Need help identifying TP link AP

I bought on ebay a cheap 5GHz TP link AP/router but I have some troubles to match it against LEDE's database.
It's vendor url is this one and it's branded ac C1200 V2 (there is also a V1 and a V3):

This is NOT (afaik) the C5 AC1200 v2.0, nor the v1.2 albeit they look exactly the same:

In the device pages I found these:

Which are not the right ones as mine is not the C5 AC1200 as said above.
And in the forum I found this topic:

Which seems to be about revision 1.0 of my AP but I can't know for sure, I'm quite surprised to see a topic about rev 1.0 started only in march 2017 knowing that TP Link is selling rev 3.0 in november 2017 and amazon is emptying its stock of rev 2.0, that would make 3 revs in six months.

Do you have any advice ?

The 2.0 has a completely different chipset than the 1.X. The 1.X is the one you want. Since it has Broadcom chips, LEDE on the 2.0 likely cannot support wifi operation due to lack of drivers.

The 3.0 seems to be too new to be mentioned in any third-party sites like wikidevi.

Ok thanks but there is something I don't understand, which lede build supports the 1.X for instance ? All I can find are builds for the C5 AC 1200 1.X or 2.0 and this is not the same AP as mine.
By the way here are some pics:





AFAICS, TP-LINK Archer C1200 v1 is not supported by LEDE, and neither is v2, i.e. there is no dedicated firmware image available for this device. Same for OpenWrt.

You misunderstood the OPs request: He is looking for firmware for TP-LINK Archer C1200 v2, while you are refering to Archer C5 AC1200.

wikidevi lists C1200 from v1 to v3, all Broadcom
wikidevi has only v1 + v2 listed for C5, v1 QCA, v2 BCM

Anyways, your mention of limited support for broadcom chips can not be emphasized enough.

Tenda AC 9 (supported by LEDE) comes closest to the Archer C1200 v1+v2 in terms of SoC + WiFi:[Switch*~]=53125&dataflt[CPU*~]=47189

Please note that 5GHz Wifi is not supported + 2.4GHz Wifi has only basic support due to usage of Broadcom chipset.

Thanks for your answers !
If I may suggest something, it would be nice to emphasize on the C5 AC1200 device page that it's not the same as the C1200, especially because the C1200 has "AC1200" written on it and looks exactly the same as the C5 AC1200 v1.2

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Is it possible that there will be a LEDE version for this router?
Or "there is no dedicated firmware image available for this device" meant that LEDE cannot be apply for this router?

Correct..not supported.