Need help for router gateway config

with dd-wrt firmware no problem. but for lede a pain.

that problem i need to config the interfaces settings in lede?

is there a guide,link for that ?

here my setup.

Look in luci -> network -> static routes

If this doesn´t help, you should precise your question...

I think you wont use double nat?
Where is your local dhcp server running? On both routers?

OpenWrt's philosophy is more toward total flexibility rather than canned "operating modes".

The default configuration is intended to operate similarly to typical stock firmware, where the router is the only router in the network and it serves as the gateway between a LAN and the Internet.

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As I recall, what you call "Gateway" mode in DD-WRT - is a device with NAT (Network Address Translation) enabled. This is the config of the LAN and WAN in OpenWRT by default.

To get "Router" mode, you would go to Firewall. Under the WAN, you would uncheck Masquerade.

Your picture does not clearly assist in what solution you wish to provide. You you need to show the subnets. After disabling NAT, you will need to add Static Routes.