Need help creating static ip

i have this setup in my home

but i got problems, the mesh wifi can't get ip address from router, it blink red when i use it
someone told me to use static ip instead of dhcp (they are talking about dhcp and wan dns

this is the control panel menu, but i have no idea on how to fill static ip address manually, how i do fill those number? is there something i need to check in order to fill those number?

Where is OpenWRT involved in this?

the raspberry pi is using openwrt
i need help filling static ip, do you know how to do it?

If you have a RPi running OpenWrt that is directly connected to the modem, and you are trying to configure the mesh wifi, can you explain what the purpose of the TP-Link router is?


  • what firmware is on the TP-Link router (vendor, OpenWrt, something else)?
  • How is it connected to the Pi (i.e. is the Pi connected to the TP-Link's wan port or lan port)?
  • Is the mesh wifi device in routing or bridge mode?
  • How is the mesh wifi connected (via its wan port or lan port)?

On the OpenWRT device?

That's really not how any of this works.

If you were to connect the mesh system directly to the cable modem, with both at default settings, you would have a network that at least can reach the Internet for basic applications, though since it would be double-NAT it's not optimal for things like gaming.

Setting a static IP on the wan side of the cable modem will break your connection unless it is the exact static IP that the cable company told you to use. This is very uncommon especially on home service. Instead the cable company will push the IP that you must use to your modem and you should not try to change it.

On that page though the "Connection Mode" setting provides an option to turn off NAT and routing inside the cable modem, and usually you would want to do that when using your own router. That includes mesh systems as they can act as a router.