Need help configuring AdGuard Home

Please help me configure firewall settings for AdGuard Home after 22.03 update. I see the instructions here on the wiki, but as a total amateur I don't understand how to do it (what file to edit or so). Please explain. Thanks!


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The firewall can be adjusted by web GUI or CLI (uci or manual).
uci commands adjust and regulate the right files.
Manual: you edit /etc/config/firewall with your preferred editor.

As I am not so well educated for the new nftables instead of iptables, most firewall settings will still be used with the new nftables. Some rules however from older config should be checked manually and added afterwards (by GUI or CLI).


I am sorry, but what to edit via GUI? I don't understand the rules. There is no "custom rules" field as in previous version. Is it a NAT rule or traffic rule, or...?
Thank you!


From version 22.03.x there is no firewall.user tab anymore, as nftables is used instead of iptables.
I don't know what was/is in your firewall.user file, so I don't know what you should add.
Other rules should be there from update.

What I already wrote:
Normal firewall rules can be edited by web-GUI : Network / Firewall.
There are Port Forwarding, Traffic Rules and NAT Rules can be set.

As you wrote: "Please help me configure firewall settings" ...
I answer : by web GUI (network/firewall) of manual edit file /etc/config/firewall
Then you write: "I am sorry, but what to edit via GUI? I don't understand the rules."

Sorry, but I don't understand what you don't understand.

Firewall settings:
nftables settings:[]=nftables

And a lot more can be found within OpenWrt search function.

DG. here is finally a solution for adguardhome settings with firewall4.

BTW: I am a doctor, not an IT expert. I do not and probably will never understand the technical stuff you answered me, I am sorry. This is the reason I am asking for help here. I just wanted to know what to edit and how in new firewall settings like in the older iptables for Adguard Home to work. I would never answer any patient “read this study, this study and much more can be found using googl search function.” This is an arrogant way of communication with a noob like me.


I am not a adguardhome user, nor a doctor, only know a little bit of OpenWrt.
Already excussed myself not understanding your question, fully.
I only pointed out where you could find some more information, btw I never use google, use duckduckgo.

Perfect that you found a solution for your problem!

On your mentioned link:

This is exactly the same as I wrote:


OpenWrt has also it's own adguardhome information:

Where you can find the same information:

And again: sorry if my communication sounds arrogant to you, but:
Never dive into the ocean, if you don't know how to swim.
or: Do not try to build your own house, if you don't know how to use a hammer.


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I'm regularyly visiting this forum since many years. There are a lot of people/volunteers, which are very helpfull and try their best. I think, it is fair to expect, that you do your best, too (e.g. do a little googling or read some links).

I read your posting as "I am a noob and I do not want to change this state". IMHO this is some kind of arrogance, too.

As @DGdodo already wrote: Never dive into the ocean, if you don't know how to swim.

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The arguardhome article on OpenWRT wiki is already mentioned in my first post. As I did not understand the command in a fw4 section of the article, I did not understand what to edit - if it was a NAT rule, a port forwarding rule or something else. The previous iptables rules were pretty straightforward (like "add this to the Custom rules tab.") and it worked fine. I tried to educate myself about the new fw4, but I did not understand it. I just wanted to know what rule to add or what file to edit for AgH to work.
Now it is solved, of course I appreciate your work on the project, thank you!
I don't want to be rude or argue with professionals. I'll try to be better educated, but I still think one of the purposes of forums like this are questions of noobs struggling to do one simple thing like this one, trying not to loose much time with it.
BTW: I use not duckduckgo :slight_smile: :deciduous_tree: