Need help configuring AdGuard Home

Please help me configure firewall settings for AdGuard Home after 22.03 update. I see the instructions here on the wiki, but as a total amateur I don't understand how to do it (what file to edit or so). Please explain. Thanks!


Welcome to the OpenWrt forum.
The firewall can be adjusted by web GUI or CLI (uci or manual).
uci commands adjust and regulate the right files.
Manual: you edit /etc/config/firewall with your preferred editor.

As I am not so well educated for the new nftables instead of iptables, most firewall settings will still be used with the new nftables. Some rules however from older config should be checked manually and added afterwards (by GUI or CLI).


I am sorry, but what to edit via GUI? I don't understand the rules. There is no "custom rules" field as in previous version. Is it a NAT rule or traffic rule, or...?
Thank you!


From version 22.03.x there is no firewall.user tab anymore, as nftables is used instead of iptables.
I don't know what was/is in your firewall.user file, so I don't know what you should add.
Other rules should be there from update.

What I already wrote:
Normal firewall rules can be edited by web-GUI : Network / Firewall.
There are Port Forwarding, Traffic Rules and NAT Rules can be set.

As you wrote: "Please help me configure firewall settings" ...
I answer : by web GUI (network/firewall) of manual edit file /etc/config/firewall
Then you write: "I am sorry, but what to edit via GUI? I don't understand the rules."

Sorry, but I don't understand what you don't understand.

Firewall settings:
nftables settings:[]=nftables

And a lot more can be found within OpenWrt search function.