Need help Compiling a project I found on Github, tinyHIPPO, but getting errors

Hello, first time compiler. I found this cool project on Github called tinyHIPPO (IDS) and wanted to compile it. First time trying such a thing.

I've configured a new VM and installed all the needed tools to build the package.

I cloned the tinyHIPPO repo to my home folder, and ran the following

  1. cp -r $HOME/tinyHIPPO/* $HOME/mypackages/examples/tinyHIPPO/src
  2. $HOME/source/scripts/feeds update mypackages
  3. $HOME/source/scripts/feeds install -a -p mypackages
  4. cd $HOME/source/ && make menuconfig
  5. cd $HOME/source/ && sudo make package/tinyHIPPO/compile V=sc

But I get this error below. Can someone help me out? :slight_smile: I dont know where I went wrong. if someone has time, can they clone the repo and see if the project works on their machine?

make[1]: Entering directory '/home/ben/source'
make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'package/tinyHIPPO/compile'.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/ben/source'
make: *** [/home/ben/source/include/ package/tinyHIPPO/compile] Error 2

The directory structure looks confusing to me.

Without knowing all the other config changes (feed locations etc.), it is hard to say what goes wrong.

Is the package visible in menuconfig?
(And have you selected it?)

Is the mypackages feed properly defined in feeds.conf.default?

After feed update, are the package files located below $HOME/source/feeds/mypackages ?

Looking at the upstream repo, the package Makefile is strangely in docs/openwrt_compile_source. At the first glance I am not sure if you can easily use the upstream repo contents as a feed.

Seems that you didn't follow all steps here:

In short - you need to select target and subtarget first, to compile OpenWrt and then to compile tinyHIPPO from source using:


I will delete my VM and redo. I will post some screenshots tonight.

(Ignore the username change on the forums, I forgot my original user so I created a temp one)

Hi Peter,
I did select the following in the makemenu (writing from memory)

Target System: MediaTek Ralink MIPS
Subtarget: MT7621
Target Profile: gl.inet MT1300

Is there anything else I need to select?

Seems OK. Later run building OpenWrt and then follow tinyHIPPO instructions

When building wrt, is there anything specific I need to focus on?

No. You just don't need to build full OpenWrt.

In documentation (link in previous post) you ONLY need to compile an OpenWrt toolchain.

Thanks. I'll have to try to redo my setup in a few days. I will re-read the openwrt docs. See if I can make sense.

@peternikolow or @hnyman
I gave it another shot but still having the same issues. I've never compiled anything before. Would you guys be willing to clone the repo on your server and see if you can compile it? I would greatly appreciate it, if you had time. :pray::+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
If it works can you toss me the ipk file.