Need help choosing the best Ubiquiti AP for me

After much help from @mk24 and @cesarvog I have my x86/64 based Protectli Vault router setup with 21.02.0. Now I just need a dedicated AP to go with it.

I want an AP that runs 21.02.0 and that is rock solid. My current Netgear R8000 covers wifi for my whole house so I want this AP to have at least as good of coverage as what I'm replacing. I'm looking at Ubiquiti APs but could be persuaded to choose something else if there's better gear out there.

Current purchase options are:

  1. Access Point WiFi 6 Lite
  2. Access Point WiFi Lite (still available)
  3. Access Point WiFi 6 Long-Range
  4. Access Point WiFi Long-Range (still available)

I'd love to hear from those who have installed OpenWrt version 21 or 19 on any of the devices listed above and your experiences with them.