Need Firmware Tool to do CE and FCC for AR9331 Modules

Hello Team,

We are using AR9331 Module into one of our Wi-Fi based product in which we are using 4.X.XX Kernel version with OpenWRT Build SYstem.

So, Now, We have requirement of CE and FCC certification for which we need following things for AR9331 chipset support

  • Firmware Tool with details and command lists
  • Document and Procedure like how to test it
  • Changes required into Kernel and OpenWRT Build System

So, Can anyone help us to get required tool and document which will be helpful for us to move further for certification perspective?

Ritesh Prajapati

It is opensource so everything you are asking for is on github under the openwrt project and in the developers guide on the homepage.

Thanks for your prompt response.

I have raised query over Github.

Ritesh Prajapati