Need firmware for TL-WR845N v4

I recently bought a new WR845N v4.
After a long search I could not find OpenWRT for him.
Can you help me?

There is no OpenWrt for this device.
According to this posting, TL-WR845N v4 has only 1MB flash an 8MB RAM:

Minimum requirement for current OpenWrt (19.07.1) is 8/64MB.

This is untrue. I got one and its 4/32.

That's correct.

  • RAM = Zentel A3S56D40GTP-50L = 256Mb
  • Flash = GigaDevice 25Q32CS1G = 32Mb

So, the topic cited by me above is wrong, or describes a different version of this device.

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Just asking If any one has its flash partition details I would give a try.

Good news: one of padavan forks support this device

Bad news: flash size 4MiB

Thanks, This looks good. I always feel that there should be a fork that supports 4Mb devices.
OpenWrt has more applications than just to call it as router. May be the fork should put warning about the security that newer kernel would be offering.
Unfortunately because of the security issues Openwrt will be supporting only elite routers.

I see these cheap routers differently. in many cases I used them under main secured router. One of the example is , I am using mosquitto broker in it. which runs 24x7. and I keep playing with my mqtt devices. I am using exactly $12 router for the purpose. its handy, fast to build and reliable hardware. OpenWrt can have unseen applications. The higher cost of router (Support to only elite routers) will change that.