Need firmware for IPQ6018


Does anyone has firmware for this router?
CPU- IPQ6018
Current firmware- Chaos Calmer 15.05.1
Luci is not installed and it doesn't have advanced features.

Neither the device, nor the target as a whole is supported by OpenWrt at this point. While it's conceivably to support in the future, this would take considerable time and efforts.

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Is there any other firmware I can install on this router?

That would be a question to ask the vendor.


Is this for building new firmware for all routers or is it specific for this router?

Currently only for Qualcomm based ones, with IPQ40xx, IPQ807x and IPQ60xx families.
It's a combination of OpenWrt 19.07 and QSDK kernel/drivers.

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This is interesting. Does this mean this repo has integrated the QSDK kernel/drivers for WiFi for IPQ40xx, IPQ807x and IPQ60xx families with the OpenWrt 19.07 kernel? If so, do you know if WiFi has been tested to work on the IPQ807x build of this repo? Thanks.

no, it doesn't work like that.

typically what these vendors do is leverage the openwrt build system to create the rootfs+image they distribute as the stock firmware.

the driver source code is often not released and/or not built during this process.

i only learned this a few weeks ago, but from what i can see it is nothing new.

Kernel and drivers come from QSDK, everything else is based on OpenWrt 19.07.

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wonder if this would work for a hawkeye device, compex WPQ873

ipq8072a support -while not complete- is quite far along, it makes more sense to follow IPQ807x SoC Investigation / Status [WIP] and OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX9000 - it shouldn't be too difficult to support a devboard like the WPQ873.