Need an installation guide AVM Fritz!Box 7330 (SL)

sorry for the very unusual topic.. but i'm an amature, looking for a guide to install Openwrt on myAVM Fritz!Box 7330 (SL) router... i am using windows os, but the guideline i found from the website is with linux and also not well explained as i told you i'm an amature... thnx in advance..

The ftp procedure should be OS agnostic and work with (almost) every command line ftp client - this should include Windows' very own ftp client.

hi, thnx for ur reply.. but still i'm confused whr can i get the /image file, where all the files are given as .bin or another types of file

here i found only ".bin" file, which is not comaptible.. to do the upgrade from the web interface it asks to give .img file.. changing the file catagory name also didnt help :confused:

There is no such thing as an *.img file for the 7330.

See for

  • Available OpenWrt firmware image
  • Installation instructions

From the linked devicepage:

Use FTP if Web Interface is unreachable or image is not accepted.

-> See section "FTP" on the linked devicepage.

to do the ftp from windows, filezilla didn't work..any other software suggestion for windows os ?

I flashed my 7330 with on a windows system

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