Need Advice with Network Configuration

Greetings, I need some help with accessing secondary router to be able to access gui

Recently i started a refreshed configuration, I have an ISP Provided ADSL Modem in Bridge Modem Connected to My Archer A5 V5, with that my router can get public ip instead of the private ip that i was getting before. with that new configutation i lost access to the gui of the modem, fortunately i was able to gain access again with some simple steps followed Here

Now i have a Secondary Router, A 740N Connected via Lan Port to The lan Port of the primary router, with a separated VLAN and with sqm to limit bandwidth, as i have very slow speed 2559dl/637ul kbps.

Now my issue is, if i connect my laptop via cable or wireless, i will be able to access secondary router gui, primary, and also the modem gui, but since i disabled dchp from the secondary router, i have to manually ad an fixed ip to be able to access the secondary router, and also of course lost internet access, my main goal is to be able to access secondary router gui, being connected to the first router, unfortunately i lost access to that one once i am connected to that, so i am forced to enable wifi and connect to the secondary router with the fixed ip mentioned before. i would like to ask if i am Missing Something ? i enabled gui access on the secondary one but, with no luck yet, i am just one step away to manage all from being connected on that way (archer a5)

If you need more questions just let me know

Thanks in Advance, Heinser.

put the 2nd router in the same subnet as the primary.
Don't use the WAN port, if you currently do, connect LAN-LAN.

for example use IP .1.3 instead of .3.1, or DHCP client and a static lease on the primary router.


To add to @frollic's answer, the 740N should be a dumbAP.

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Thanks for your fast replies, Will give a try, and will let you know once done! thanks again!

Edit: Did what is mentioned in Dumb ap, and still with only being connected via lan to the main router, i am not able to access to, and just connected via wifi and i was able to access again.

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Connect the main router to one of the LAN ports of the WR740. To be clear, a dumb AP has only one network, lan, and all wired and wifi interfaces are bridged into that network.

You can later re-purpose the WAN port to also be in the LAN network.


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