Need advice - MT7915 or MT7922 for AP

MT7916 is prohibitively expensive for me due to logistics issues, sadly.

Had my eyes set on MT7915, but supplier raised price by 20% overnight, which is kinda steep. Thus, considering MT7922 as an alternative, and have a few questions.

  1. Does MT7922 support 160MHz channel width on 5GHz band in AP mode? What about 6GHz?

  2. How much worse is tx & rx power, compared to MT7915?

p.s. only need 5GHz band AP for couple clients. There will be tons of LAN to WLAN traffic maxing out WLAN bandwidth - device on LAN end can easily saturate 2.5GBe LAN ports. MT7916 would be a perfect placeholder until Wi-Fi 7 for my application, alas have to settle for something worse.

Deleted, wrong chip.

@frollic thank you for reply, however I don't even expect 160MHz channel width from MT7915, the board I consider buying only supports 80MHz channels. WAX206 from the topic you linked is MT7915+MT7975, while my question is about MT7922 modules that do support 160MHz wide channels in client mode, but I have no idea about AP mode and couldn't find reliable info on the subject myself.

Sorry, mixed it up with the SoC - 7622 :frowning:

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mt7921&mt7922 are targeted at client usage, they don't have all the features, nor the tx power of the mt7915/ mt7916 AP chipsets. While they do support (basic) AP mode, they might not support as many connected clients and lack similar features.

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@slh thank you. I only have a couple clients. I wonder if 160MHz channel width can possibly offset lower tx power for MT7922 vs 80MHz MT7915. If MT7922 can't do 160MHz channels it's a definite no-go though, and I'll have no other option but to eat MT7915 increased price up.

I have a MT7922 only works in 160MHz on client mode 80MHz on AP.

root@openwrt:~# iwinfo
phy0-sta0 ESSID: "AWQ5G"
          Access Point: 14:13:12:EB:CF:1C
          Mode: Client  Channel: 36 (5.180 GHz)  HT Mode: HE160
          Center Channel 1: 50 2: unknown
          Tx-Power: 3 dBm  Link Quality: 70/70
          Signal: -34 dBm  Noise: unknown
          Bit Rate: 2401.9 MBit/s
          Encryption: WPA2 PSK (CCMP)
          Type: nl80211  HW Mode(s): 802.11ac/ax/b/g/n
          Hardware: 14C3:0616 17AA:E0C6 [MediaTek MT7922]
          TX power offset: none
          Frequency offset: none
          Supports VAPs: no  PHY name: phy0

In close distance I get 1 gigabit speed however signal degrade faster if compare to a real wifi card, I only use it on the banana pi r3 for the 6g band.

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@antoncycle thank you very much, exactly the info I was looking for!

mt7915 currently only works with 80 MHz (4t4r or dbdc 2t2r) in OpenWRT Master Snapshots. Might in future potentially work again with 160 MHz in 2t2r mode, but that is not sure yet.

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@ThiloteE thank you. The 2x2 MT7915 DBDC board I am planning to buy only works at 80MHz according to manufacturer spec. If it will be able to do 160MHz at some point, I will certainly be very happy - but even 80MHz with decent range is acceptable as a temporary solution.

mt7915 2x2 dbdc will not allow you to saturate 1Gb link (not even talking about 2.5 Gb)

I have two such devices (d-link dap x1860) in the house and on OpenWRT master snapshots, behind 1-2 walls, running as dump AP, it's more like ~ 650 Mbps and as repeater with relayd configuration it will reach up to ~ 325 Mbps throughput measured via iperf3. This is totally fine for the needs I have and works well for gaming, videoconferencing and browsing the web + phone (Edit: in total I personally, mostly have 2 clients connected to my own device). Sometimes I experience micro laggs, but that could be caused by a) me using wifi and sitting behind 3 walls or b) my games servers or something along the way. Having a 50 Mbps DL and 10 Mbps UL contract with my internet provider and having ~ 10 other devices (brother and his wife with similar use cases than me + a TV) in the house connected via wifi to another d-link dap x1860 dumb AP, which in turn is connected via gigabit lan cable to my main router (fritzbox 7490 with OEM software), it is fair enough and laggs are really rare.

Unless you have way more traffic and clients connected than me, mt7915 dbdc is fine.


@ThilotE thank you!

I don't expect it to, it's a placeholder until I can get Wi-Fi 7. I do hope to get reasonable performance for 1.2GBps link speed in the same room i.e. 600mbps or slightly more, though.

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