Need advice for new Router, suitable for 1000 Mbit/s


i'm in need for a new Router as my Netgear R7000 running DDWRT is too slow for 1000Mbit/s rate via Cable. I may want to give OpenWRT a try and asking you for some advise on which devices fits my needs.


  1. Can handle 1000Mbit/s via WAN port
  2. 2,4 and 5 Ghz WIFI
  3. Embedded Devices should connect to WIFI
  4. WIFI speed is not that important
  5. At least one USB3 Port
  6. Good/Average VPN Performance
  7. Low power consumption (10-20W max.)
  8. Installing Perl packages via CPAN
  9. Willing to pay up to 200€, but if there is only a more expensive device which meet all requirements, it'll be okay too

As far as a read the documentation and forum:
--> 2. Means, it can be no Device with Broadcom Chip because no driver exists for 5Ghz?
--> 3. Linksys has some Problems with WIFI for Embedded Devices

If these Assumptions are right, i may could use the "Ideal for OpenWrt" if there would be the Info for 1.

Thanks for any thoughts or opinions.

Additional question: Is there a working live demo online for OpenWRT?

-- aeronaut

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At such speeds, it is best to use separate devices for the router and the WiFi AP.

The Raspberry Pi 4B or a compact x86 PC would be able to route ~1 Gbit/s even when SQM is enabled. Search the forum for recommendations of specific devices and benchmarks.

Are you happy with the Netgear R7000's WiFi? Then you could keep using it as an access point and managed Gigabit switch.

For an OpenWrt demo, run the x86 version of OpenWrt in a virtual machine.

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There is really no SOHO device running OpenWrt which can handle 1Gb/s? It must not be perfect - almost 1 Gb/s should be enough.

x86 may be an option. The VPN will benefit from this too.

I'll try out Openwrt on VBox.

Thank you!

May the Mikrotik RB1000 be enough to handle 1Gb/s?

some numbers from different devices. Even if mwlwifi on a rango is not good enough, you can just hang an AP off of the thing.

That link gives a nice overview, @anomeome, thanks for pointing.

On a OpenWrt forum? lol

Yes. Post the Guidelines or rules prohibiting me from linking to another firmware and I'll kindly abide.

No rules mate just made me lol that's all!