Need a WiFi router with AC, N, at least dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1+GHz cpu

Hey guys,

I am looking for something that seems to be very hard to find. Interested in buying in bulk. It needs to have at least these specs:
2+ gigabit ports (1 LAN, 1 WAN),
Dual band ac/n WiFi,
CPU needs to be at least 1GHz+ dual core, or a little less than that for quad core, ARM is strongly preferred,
No brand (no Linksys, dlink, etc) - I need to be able to buy it in bulk from China,
Support for LEDE.

Do you guys know of any good products that you can recommend? Usually the cheaper - the better, but definitely shouldn't be more than $130/piece.

Basically I am looking for an WRT1200AC (or similar) with a different case.

I am trying the zbt we1326, but it being mips and 880mhz dual - I would much rather find something more powerful.

Thanks in advance for all your help and suggestions.

16 devices listed in the ToH that match your criteria (12 if you exclude Broadcom):[WLAN%202.4GHz*~]=n&dataflt[WLAN%205.0GHz*~]=ac&dataflt[CPU%20cores_*~]=2&dataflt[Ethernet%20100M%20ports_*~]=-


Thanks for your input. I have already checked there, however the majority of them are big brand names. I am looking for an off-brand router. ZBT is not bad, as I stated that I already own 1 (with one more on the way), but I need beefier CPU, not the mips 880MHz. Everything better than that is either a Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, Zyxel, Asus or TP-Link. I need something like ZBT but with an ARM cpu for example.


Have you checked out ClearFog from SolidRun in Israel?

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Yes I have, however it runs above $150 with wifi.
I am currently testing the espressobin, but will also need to design and print a case, with antennas, which could be a bit hard to do. I tried printing one of their cases and it looks super ugly haha. And no antenna ports is also not good.

Plus, my biggest beef with the Espressobin is that it can either have 2.4ghz or 5ghz wifi, as it has only a single pcie card. Unless there are cards, that can run both at the same time?

Look for ipq4018/19 device, it should suite your needs.

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Thank you! I was looking into those too! Is there any manufacturer that you would recommend in particular?

Thanks again!

Physically impossible AFAIK.

Only AVM Fritz!Box 4040 is supported by lede ATM
But you can also build an image for Asus AC-58 unofficially, there's a discussion on this matter somewhere around on this forum

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